Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Countdown to Christmas

I woke up to snow.  What a great way to start December and the Christmas season.  There is no better way to celebrate Christmas than with family, friends, hot cocoa, cookies and snow.  Seriously.

Everyday this month, my goal is to bring a little holiday cheer to all of you.  This is going to be done through the sharing of traditions, holiday tips, recipes and giveaways!  These will be short giveaways, typically lasting only 24 - 48 hours so that you can receive your goodies in time for Christmas morning, so make sure to check back regularly. 

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Today's Countdown to Christmas Moment is all about the tradition.  Each year, as a child, I watched as my parents opened their stocking stuffers.  Favorite candy, concert tickets, homemade gifts from their wonderful daughters and more filled the stockings.  But each year, I saw my mom carefully tuck away a piece of paper or an envelope.  She never opened it in front of us, but always gave my dad a loving smile and tears filled her eyes.  Finally, one year, I asked what it was.  She said, every year since they have been married, my dad writes her a letter and puts it in her stocking.  It's full of what he loves most about her, what he is thankful for and their favorite memories together.  Each year, it's a great reminder of the love that is shared in our family.

This year, I want to start that tradition with my husband.  This Christmas marks two years of marriage and I think now is a great time to begin setting traditions of our own.  Yes, it is borrowed from my parents, but I will tweak it to make it my own.

What is your favorite tradition?  I'm eager to hear!

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