Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Almost a New Year

It's nearing the end of 2010 and as I reflect, a lot has happened to make 2010 a milestone year.  I thought, instead of just making a huge list of everything, I'd focus on some of my favorite moments and share with all of you.

BUDDY came along!  That's right - after a year and a half of begging my husband for a dog, we finally found Buddy.  I am so thankful for this little (well, if you consider 75 pounds little) loveable guy.  He is the most dramatic dog I know and the best cuddler!

TESSA was born!  Little Tessa is one of my most favorite people and her smile makes me light up.  I'm so proud to be her aunt and I'm determined to help shape her into an influential, powerful and independent woman.

FULL TIME JOB!  After working hard for two years, I was offered a full-time role at work.  I absolutely love what I do, and can't imagine doing anything else so I am thrilled to spend 40+ hours a week with my co-workers, doing what I love.

I met SARAH PALIN!  That's right.  I ran into the coolest guy at a Sarah Palin book signing at a local Kroger.  Palin Man was kind enough to let me borrow his jacket and stay warm while waiting outside and then offered to let me tag along for the signing and I had the opportunity to meet Miss Palin herself.  It was quite the surreal experience.

I GRADUATED with my Masters.  Three years of hard work, studying and having no social life paid off and I am now officially a Master of Communication. 

Those are just some of the highlights from my year.  It makes me very excited to think about what 2011 will bring my way!  What are the highlights of your 2010?

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