Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dove Peppermint Bark

Okay - I love to share about my great deals and just plain awesome finds.  This is one thing I would pay full price for - hear that - FULL PRICE?! Gasp.  But seriously, this is good:

See that?!  Dove Chocolate has introduced a Peppermint Bark chocolate.  This is heaven.  Heaven melting in my mouth.  No lie.  I found it randomly walking through a holiday aisle at Kroger the other day, and our office is already on bag #4!  We love candy, but this is seriously some of the best candy ever!

This is the perfect amount of chocolate, topped with a layer of peppermint.  It's the perfect balance of cool creaminess and a nice little crunch of peppermint without being overwhelming.

So next time you are in a grocery store - pick up a bag and try one.  Then let me know what you think.  MMMM!  Happy Eating!

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