Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Black Friday Shopping Tips

This year, it seems more and more stores are offering rock bottom prices way before Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  To help with your shopping, below are sometips for shopping Black Friday deals.  You can see a more complete list for this area (Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky) at www.cincysavers.com/blackfriday/

Tip #1:  Check the ad carefully to see when the sale starts.  Two years ago, the Michaels ad came out and they had a special 3 hour sale on Thanksgiving Night.  Cricut cartridges were as low as $15 a piece when you bought five.

Tip #2:  Layaway.  Get the leaked ads - place the item on layaway, with a price match guarantee.  Get a signed and dated copy of the price match guarantee from a store employee.  I do this regularly.  I go in two weeks ahead (when I normally see the Black Friday pricing), put my 10% down, and get a signed price match guarantee.  Friday afternoon, I go into the store (with the remaining payment) and pay the Black Friday price.

Tip #3:  Spread Out.  If you insist on getting up for door buster sales, get a group together and split up.  Hit multiple stores to see who can get the door buster price.  You have a better chance of getting the deal when you hit stores that are outside of city limits.

Tip #4:  Shop online on Thursday.  Most stores turn on a special Thursday price when you order online.  So, around 9pm, start looking!

Tip #5:  Don't be brand picky.  If you come across a great deal and the brand you want is out of stock, ask for a manager and then ask if you can get a comparable deal on a comparable product.  Example:  the TV you want is 30% off regular price and they are out.  Find a similar TV (as close as possible in specs/size/etc) and ask for 30% off regular price on that TV.  Most stores will adjust, as long as you ask!

Happy Shopping!

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