Saturday, November 6, 2010

Around The House

Earlier I wrote about alternative uses for junk mail.  In doing some 'fall cleaning', I found some alternative uses for other household items.

Lunchmeat Tubs.  If you ever have to buy lunchmeat in the tubs, they are great for so many things.  I use mine for individual size lunches, holding hair bands, and storing dice.

Wine Rack.  Our wine rack holds six bottles of wine and has a small bar across the top, which doubles as a candy cane holder during the holidays.  It's a great decorative piece!

Bread Ties.  I love reusing these to keep my cords from getting tangled together in my junk drawer.

Frozen Cookie Dough Tubs.  Just like lunchmeat tubs, these tubs have a variety of uses.  I used mine to store holiday wreaths and ornaments!  They also work for holiday lights - no tangles here!

What household items do you find alternative uses for?

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