Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Junk Mail - No More!

Junk mail.  Who wants it - no one.  Who gets it - everyone!  Before you throw away those preapproved credit card offers and those useless catalogs full of entertaining items you would never purchase, check out different ways to use your junk mail!

Catalogs - catalogs are full of fonts of all sizes and colors.  Hold onto these for the next time your kid is assigned a collage or a craft as homework.  Your printer will thank you.

Credit Card Offers - toss the paper and keep the card (as long as it doesn't have your name and an actual credit card number on it).  These make for great wallet stuffers for kids to play with.  I also keep one in my desk drawer at work.  It is the perfect size to pick a dust bunny out of a keyboard if bottles of air aren't available.

Direct Mail Pieces - similar to catalogs, these are great to cut up and use for arts and crafts.  I also tape index cards and recipes onto the thick paper and put those in my recipe books.  The weight of the paper helps keep the recipe from crumbling over time.

Return Address Labels - label everything!  Stick them on the inside of a DVD case, the cover of a book, or anything else you may lend to a family member or friend.  It's a sure way to guarantee you will be able to find your stuff once it's borrowed.

Envelopes and Letters - paper burns.  Keep a pile of junk mail readily available for a last minute fire.  It's a great alternative to the trash man digging through your trash and discovering personal information.

As you can see, junk mail can serve as more than an annoyance.  What do you do with your junk mail?

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