Thursday, September 2, 2010

Outlet Store Heaven

A few weeks ago, I received a wonderful surprise in the mail. A 20% off coupon for the Coach Factory Stores. The merchandise in these stores is already marked down, and then 20% off?! You can't beat that. Coach purses are my weakness too. So my sister and I plan a shopping trip. We hop in the car, and off we go. We spent a large chunk of the drive figuring out how to use the one coupon on both of our orders. (Did I mention Coach purses are her weakness too)? We arrived and just hoped they would use it twice.

We walk into this heaven-like store, and we are greeted at the door. The salesgirl hands us each another 20% off coupon! It's like Christmas morning. We are so excited and begin looking at all of the purses and wallets. Of course we both gravitate to the Clearance Rack. The sign says "ADDITIONAL 50% OFF". I think to myself, 'too good to be true'. AND IT'S NOT! 50% off of the lowest marked price PLUS we can use the 20% off coupon. I swear I heard angels sing.

We take our time and look through each purse, inspecting it thoroughly, making sure it's what we really want. At one point I had upwards of six purses on my arm. After about an hour of walking around and doing some quick math, I decide one purse is all I will let myself splurge on. As I stand there contemplating which purse I would get the most use out of, my sister becomes impatient because she found her purse within the first ten minutes of looking. I narrowed it down to four, then two, then finally one. I saved 66% at the Coach Factory store today. I couldn't believe my luck.

So, what things do you let yourself splurge on once in a while?

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