Monday, August 16, 2010

Fun Frugal Finds

I sometimes find myself fighting the urge to shop.  In college, I shopped when I was happy, when I was sad, when I needed a break from studying, or to kill time.  I didn't care about finding a great deal per se, I cared about finding a cute outfit or the most perfect pair of shoes.  And... I paid FULL PRICE!  The thought makes me cringe now, so I shop the deals. And, quite honestly, I get more compliments on my "fun frugal finds" than I ever did on my random shopping acquisitions. 

Below are just some of my fun frual finds of late.  Enjoy!

Sandals from Target - $4.94 (Regular $19.99).

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Draped Asymmetrical Top from New York and Company - $4.99 (Regular $32.95).  I found this as it was just being marked down.  What a steal!

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Chicago Cubs T-Shirt from Victoria's Secret - $19.99 (Regular $32.00).  I would have waited for it to be discounted even further, except they don't sell this in my area.
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What is your favorite frugal find?

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  1. I have two kiddos so ANYTHING I can find on sale or for a great price for them is a win! I just recently found a dress for my little girl for $10 at a consignment sale. The same dress was going for at least $20 at a department store earlier this year!
    It feels so good to get a great deal!!!