Thursday, August 19, 2010


Early Tuesday morning I stumbled across a tweet from one of my favorite deal finders, @TweetsDeals.  The tweet "Get FREE Flipped Movie Screening Tickets only available for".  I figured it wouldn't hurt to try.  And, guess what?!  I was able to score two free passes for the screening.  At this point, I need to get to work, so I quickly sent a few text messages, secured a 'date' for the evening, and was set to go.

As the clock ticks closer to 7pm, I get anxious.  I haven't heard of the movie Flipped before, and honestly didn't know what to expect.  My pass just had a small picture on it, which I presume will be the movie cover when it is released.  The copy said "You never forget your first love".  Sounds like my kind of movie, so off we went.

My friend Skye and I went into a very crowded theater and found two pretty awesome seats together.  We whisper about what we think the film will be about, and then it starts.

The next hour and a half went by so quickly.  We first meet our main characters, Juli and Bryce as adorable 7 year olds.  Skye and I are sucked in already - puppy love is too cute to resist.  We travel through time with the two of them, each telling their own version of turning points in their relationship.  Are their feelings mutual or one-sided?  Can they really be seeing things so differently?  How will this end?  All questions that are somewhat answered through the movie.  I won't give away the ending, because, I do recommend everyone see it at some point. 

My main takeaways?  Honesty is always best (note the egg plotline when you do see the movie).  A first kiss only comes once (the biggest plotline of the movie).  Family is important.  Outside appearances aren't always telling.  Taking a stand means you may get made fun of, but is sooo worth it in the end (sycamore tree plotline). 

Overall, the movie was excellent.  It drove home important values that don't seem to be prevalent in mainstream media today.  It is a wholesome family film that can be enjoyed by all.  My only complaint is the end.  I wish they had concluded it with that first kiss.  What a scene that would be.  Oh well, I hear it is based on a book, and I am not sure how the book ends.  Maybe I'll pick it up and compare it.  We shall see.  Until then, I saw a great movie, with great company, for FREE!

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