Monday, January 17, 2011

Being a Better Me

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2010 seems like it was a decade ago.  As some of you may have read here in my 2010 Year in Review post, it was a really busy year for me.  So busy that I lost track of a lot of who I was.  Well, no more!  I want to use the next eleven and a half months to really get back to the core of my soul.  That may sound really deep, but in all reality, I want to rediscover the little things in life that bring joy to my life and spread that joy to others.

That being said, I have a plan.  It's my 2011 Being a Better Me Plan.  It's simple, really.  There are roughly 50 weeks left in this year.  That's a lot of weeks and each week I plan to rediscover (or just plain discover) something that will not only enhance my life, but allow me to touch the lives of others.  This may be reading a book that is on my "must read" list, watching a movie on my "must watch" list, trying a new food, volunteering my time, or catching up with an old friend.  There are endless possibilities in making me a better me! 

While it may seem overwhelming, I don't think it will be too bad.  I'd love to sit down and plan the entire year out, but who knows what life is going to throw my way.  Instead, I'll have my list and work it into my life, a week at a time.  Check back each week to see what I'm tackling.  For now, I'll leave you with my list, which is listed in the order these things popped into my mind - not the order I'm necessarily tackling them!

Read and implement ideas from Dave Ramsey's A Total Money Makeover.
Volunteer at Redwood School & Rehabilitation Center.
Cook dinner for my parents (and I mean from scratch).
Create my own cupcake recipe.
Finish my honeymoon scrapbook (it's only been two years...)
Watch The Goonies.  I'm an 80s kid who has never seen it, pitiful, I know.
Eat at The Melting Pot.  I have a Gift Certificate and haven't used it yet.
Pay off a credit card.
Have a Sister's Night Out with Kristy and Kori.
Help my kids (my Sunday School class) learn the books of the Bible.
Make 50 scarves for Scarf It Up.
Learn how to make a killer lasagna.
Re-read The Chronicles of Narnia - all of them.
Take up a new exercise routine - Zumba anyone?
Walk more.
Participate in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure (still deciding to walk or run).
Attend at least 10 Cincinnati Reds games with my mom (full disclosure - I will root for the Cubbies when they are in town).
Have a movie marathon with my best friend.
Read my Bible more.
Make chocolates for everyone in my office.
Host a game night with friends and family.
Make 10 baby blankets for Care Net.
Plant flowers.
Read Beyond the Sound of Music.
Get my home office organized.
Go through all of my kitchen gadgets and decor and decrease by 10%.

That's 26 - a half-year's worth of "Bettering Me" goals.  I'm completely open to suggestions - especially any movies or books that you would recommend. 

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