Friday, October 8, 2010

Review: Life as We Know It

Thanks to gofobo, my sister and I went to a screening of Life as We Know It this past Monday night.  I had really wanted to see this movie prior to getting the screening tickets, so I was very excited.  The whole experience was interesting.  Unlike the Flipped screening, this time we were asked to take cellphone with video capabilities to the car and then were wanded down. 

The actual movie was great.  I really enjoyed it and would give it 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.  The plot was predictable, yet still fresh.  The acting was great, not too forced.  Let's be honest - Josh Duhamel was shirtless for parts of the movie, making it super appealing to a female audience.

I did feel like there were a lot of low points (in terms of sad moments) in the movie.  Granted, the movie is about a couple who dies and leaves their 1 year old daughter, Sophie, with their best friends (and known enemies), Holly and Messer.  There are bound to be teary moments, however, I felt like a large part of the movie included "downer" scenes (hence the 4 1/2 stars). 

There were a lot of funny moments and uplifting moments as well.  Who would have thought the case worker would be so emotionally tied into Holly and Messer as a couple?  Her impeccable bad timing led to great laughs.  The fact that the whole neighborhood (men and women) were obsessed with Messer led to funny side notes and laughter.  The tension between Holly and Messer also led to moments of guilty pleasure. 

Overall, the movie was great, and I want to go see it again.  It really made you think about the important things in life.  Not many romantic comedies make you do that, so kudos!

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