Friday, February 18, 2011

Gatorade, Gatorade, Gatorade

There are a few days left in the Kroger Daytona Sale.  I'm not looking to make a big trip this week, just restock a few items that are on the sale.  Here is how I plan to get three or four months worth of Gatorade SUPER CHEAP!

This week, when you buy 10 of a participating item, you save $3 now and receive a $3 Catalina at check-out.  I need about 60 bottles of Gatorade, so here is my plan of attack:

Transaction One:
10 Gatorades x $0.69 = $6.90 + tax ($3 Catalina after purchase)

Transaction Two through Six:
10 Gatorades x $0.69 = $6.90 - $3 Catalina = $3.90 + tax ($3 Catalina after purchase)

Grand Total:  60 bottles of Gatorade for $26.40 + tax 

There are plenty of other great deals available on this sale - so make sure you hit up your local Kroger before it's too late!

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